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Monday, November 10, 2008

Hella IV First Shoot

Here is our first shoot. Carl (Wolfsburg Jetta), Adrian (Rave Green GTi) and Calvin (337).

Although it was 12 midnight after the Burgers & Shakes meet at In & Out. We had tried to sneak into a garage to get some shots off. Carl decided to cop my LMs and Adrian just got his FKs installed. Brendan was nowhere to be found. We also had a few friends (Camera Crew) that tagged along during the shoot. Thanks for the support guys, props to ya! (Micah, Jeremy & Emil)

Here is a vid of a meet with other local NorCal Dubbers from last month.


Mar said...

This is tyte. Good job guys.

Sean said...

Nice! I like the black and silver ones!