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Sunday, July 10, 2011

R Duos

Fresh off the press, well in this case the threads. An amazing duo of R32 powered MKIVs both out of Nova Scotia, Canada. Firstly we have Kevin Misner's R32 Powered wagon. Just recently completed with a full swap from out of a R32 from motor, transmission to even the full running gear including the haldex. It is now on airlift air-ride to help the R32 Aristos fill the wheel well much more as well as laying the car on the ground. For the body, the professional vw tech shaved the roof completing the OEM+ clean look.

Next up you have Lee Purcell's GLi R. This GLi is not your average GLi however. Starting with an amazing base 2005 GLi, Lee had gone through many different 1.8T setups before settling with the VR6. Using a R32 VR6 mated to a 02M transmission, Lee says that the full Haldex swap is coming very soon. Dropped on Airlift XL from the BagRiders kit and sitting pretty with CCW LM5 18 x 8.5" with 2.5" lips, the GLi is simply immaculate. Lee also said that he had completed most of the work himself which demands quite a bit of props!

These two Canadian MKIVs demand a TON of respect and props for the work put into it. In today's MKIV scene, everything is kind of cheap and quickly done without much thought put into it. These two has done the complete opposite and their cars can be seen as an inspiration to many. We here at HellaIV cannot wait to see the progress on these cars!

Lee Purcell 2005 VW Jetta GLi:
R32 engine swap with 02m transmission
Airlift XL from BagRiders kit
CCW LM5 18 x 8.5" 2.5" inch lips et32
215/40/18 nitto Neogen tyres

Future plans: R32 floor pan with haldex!

Kevin Misner 2003 VW Jetta Wagon:
Full R32 swap with full Haldex swap TT Floor pan done exact to OE specs
Airlift XL kit from BagRiders,
Shaved roof racks,
Aristos with BFG KDW,
Bora Leather Interior
Tan Euro heated leather front Recaros
Tan Euro leather rear Recaro bench
Rainsensing Wipers
Full OEM Nav

Future plans: BOOST!