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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Not Yet Frozen

A reader of our blog recently got in contact with us regarding his car. Indeed it is definitely a very clean car.
 Richard "Mingan" Håveland from over in Sweden has a 1998 4 door Golf . Even though it has a fairly small engine when compared to us over here in the US, his 1.6 is more than enough to pull the stanced out Golf around. He is rather proud of his car although it is still a work in progress. Some of his future plans include a new interior and a color change for his wheels.

Golf IV 1.6 SR -98
Stereo: Hillman HDC-1560 Suspension: Ta Technix Coilovers
OEM Hoodbra
Golf GTi rear lights
25th Anniversary Front Valence
2.5" BSR Exhaust
0.5 degree Camber Shims
Wheels: 17 x 8.5" Fronts and 17 x 10" Rears OZ Futura
Tires: F Kumho 195/40/17 R Kumho 215/40/17

Future Plans:
25th Anniversary side skirts
New interior
ECU Reflash
New Color for OZ Futura
New Headlights
1.5 degree shims

Cranking down the coils even more
Yet another skid plate


mingan said...

Awesome! thanx m8

Ayasha Kieth said...

Wow, guys this car looks awesome and fabulous! Your determinations shows on your work!

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mingan said...

Thank you so much :)