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Saturday, December 03, 2011

When Sparks Fly

To many of our significant others, the car obsession is a nuisance. From the car not running properly, dragging the significant other to get-togethers, to throwing money away into the abyss of parts buying. For Devin and Dom however, the only argument is over which car to take. 

Devin and Dom met in 2008, chatting over Vortex PMs. As many do, Devin assumed Dom was a guy. However, context clues quickly sorted out the gender confusion. As the summer progressed, the two decided to meet up and check out each other’s cars and discuss MK4s in general. Both quickly developed feelings and as their relationship progressed, so did the degree of modification to each of their cars. Simple bolts-ons quickly turned into a snowball effect that us enthusiasts know so well.
“I had only known Dom for a month. When she invited me along with her to the body shop to check on the progress of her car, I wasn’t expecting what I actually saw – a completely shaved car with all new body panels, covered in primer. I knew from that point on that this girl was just as obsessed with her VW as I was with mine. From that point on, what turned out to me an ideal relationship seemed inevitable."
While most worry about sneaking in mods, hiding money spent on parts, and devoting equal time to hobby and relationship, Devin and Dom’s shared commitment has allowed them to be supportive and enthusiastic. With three years, three H20s, countless motor builds, resprays, and a continued passion for their cars, the couple have produced two fantastic MK4s.

“When I met Devin, I couldn’t ignore the chemistry we shared. Sparks flew…mega sparks.” To many on Vortex, the choice between form and function is a defining line for a car enthusiast. However, Dom and Devin are fairly unique in that they represent the best of both worlds. 

On one hand, Devin’s car Blair is basically as function oriented as they come. The car has been totally stripped, shedding an incredible amount of weight. The interior features only two Sparco seats, a shifter, and the dash. It is actually incredible how clean it looks for a stripped car. On the exterior, subtle mods complement a simple look, and with a set of white Rota Grids on the way, the car will look as aggressive outside as it does inside. The engine has been built internally, and has evolved from a modified K03, to a K04, and is currently rocking a Garret GT3076r, sitting pretty inside a fully shaved bay. As you can see, one mustn't be fooled by the overall stock appearance, this Jetta has a big turbo and a HUGE bite.

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we have Monster. Dom’s car is no racecar, it is a stanced beauty, sitting pretty on a set of Tracer Tech1s. The body has been shaved, bumpers swapped for R-line, and the bay cleaned up with a few subtle touches.  The interior has received a fair deal of OEM goodness, including full brushed aluminum trim and a black R32 headliner. The car is simple, clean, and incredibly classy. 

Both of the cars represent unique niches in the MK4 community, yet the beauty is that both are equally respected. In a community full of cheap mods, crappy suspension, and more bought than built, it is refreshing to find two cars like these. Dom and Devin each put an incredible amount of work into their cars, and the results speak for themselves. We look forward to seeing future work on a pair of cars that can only get better and better. 
Words by Zach!

Spec List: 
Devin's Jetta: 
Engine and drivetrain:
AWP block with IE rods and ARP hardware, stock pistons
AWP head with Supertech springs, titanium retainers, black nitride and SS valves. HD guides.
VHT painted Block and trans, flat black
02j with Peloquin LSD, Southbend STG V, 6-puck, sprung clutch kit, Verocious shifter bushings. Redline fluid and ECS magnetic drain plug
Garret gt3076r, .63A/R turbo, ceramic coated hotside, to4s comp housing w/ 4” inlet.
Custom oil+water lines by FFE, black fragola fittings, and ss oil lines.
AOP Tubular, equal length exhaust manifold with AMS cast collector and vibrant SS head flange. Backpurged and tig’d.
AOP custom 3” downpipe to 42DD 3” catback with turndown tip
Tial mv-s 38mm wg with custom dump tube and 1 bar spring
Unitronic 830cc file, with all deletes
Lucas 830cc injectors, walbro 255 in line, aeroquip fuel hose
4” couplers, piping, Vibrant velocity stack and AEM 6” dryflow filter
VF engine mounts, powdercoated wrinkle black
AOP custom intercooler piping with cxracing core and 42dd map flange. 2.5” hot and cold
Tial 50mm “Q” BOV w/ 11 psi spring
Audi tt225 intake mani with NS perf gasket, powdercoated wrinkle black
034 catch can and tapped Valve Cover
AEM UEGO air fuel gauge
NS sandwich plate

Deletes and Additions:
Deleted: SAI, n249+n112, Combi valve, EVAP, blueballs, A/C comp+ Condenser, Coolant ball, windshield res and lines, misc brackets, supports, and wiring loom.(All associated wiring for components also removed) horns. Stage 2 deletes include Heater core, associated coolant lines, rear 12v outlet, wiper wiring and motor assembly, power window motors, door wiring, comfort module, airbag wiring module and units. Stock seat belts, carpet, sound paneling, and interior trim from window line down. trunk liner, oem sunroof, hvac controls, radio, speakers, and associated wiring. Relocated batter to trunk, fusebox mounted on inner firewall, ECU is mounted on inner fire wall, above exhaust tunnel. Cleaned and removed wiring from main chassis harness for fuel door and trunk unlocks, airbags, etc. For a simple, essential harness. Bypassed Clutch positioning switch. Moroso Coolant recovery tank on DS frame rail/rad support. P/S res under passenger side framerail. All ECU wiring ran through center of DS frame rail and into dash compartment. Headlights, battery powers and misc ran through fender rail

FK streetline coilovers
R32 CA bushings
Deleted FSB
Hot Pink powder coated Hotchkis 30mm RSB
15mm spacers wheel spacers with ECS lug bolts
Rota Grids, 18x9.5 et38

B&M short shifter
Digital boost gauge inside gauge cluster
Custom vent panel with Autometer ultra-lite gauges: Oil press, Oil temp, and EGT
GLI pedal set
Sparco 383 comp steering wheel with momo hub
Autopower Race roll bar (4pt), welded
Sparco Chrono Roads with speedware mounts
Paint matched and cleared interior floor/metal
Custom CF radio panel with various switches
"Gas" oem switch for dual solenoid boost controller
Euro gas door popper switch, in stock dimmer location

Shave hood notch and fenders
De-badged trunk and paint matched emblem backing
Paint matched wolfsburg rear valence
4motion front lip.
Euro rubstrip
Ziza E-codes
Seidl Grill
Mattig euro cup mirrors
Black b pillars
Permanent fixed rear windows and manual font windows. No motors or oem panels.
Candy cane R/C/R/C taillights
CF sunroof plug/panel from
CF antenna plug, custom

Dom's GTi: 
Speedtech boser hood extension
OEM R32 rear hatch spoiler                        
OEM R32 side skirts                          
B&G coilovers
FK 1- badgeless grille
OEM Euro R32 front bumper
OEM stubby mirrors
20th AE stubby antenna
Cupra R lip
Diesel Geek skid plate
Custom 24mm rear spacers
OEM R-Line rear bumper         
Helix OEM HID replica projectors               
Neuspeed 28mm custom purple rear sway bar
Xenon Depot 5000k drop-in HIDs
42 Draft Designs white city light LEDs
Rear windshield wiper delete
Deleted front sway bar
Tracer Tech 1 Wheels with custom purple bolts
Falken 512 tires
Shaved side rub strips (side moldings)
Shaved front bumper washer covers
Shaved rear hatch handle (VW emblem left)
Shaved side blinkers
Shaved antenna

GLI cluster
OEM lit Jetta vents   
OEM polished hood strut
OEM polished rear hatch struts          
OEM 20th AE Pedal Caps + Dead Pedal                 
OEM 20th AE brushed aluminum ashtray cover
OEM 20th AE/R32 brushed aluminum door grab handles
R-Line shift knob
VEI dual display boost/oil pressure gauge
OEM Euro switch
OEM 20th AE rear view mirror
OEM R32 black headliner

Unitronic stage 2 software
APR R1 diverter valve
ITG cone filter
Godspeed side mount intercooler
42 Draft Designs 3" turbo back exhaust
Forge turbo inlet pipe
034 silicone PCV kit
Polished throttle body
Powdercoated intake manifold/piping
BFI Stage 1 dogbone mount
Verdict shifter bushings
AOP test pipe
Integrated Engineering SAI block off plate
Mk5 coolant cap
Stainless steel fuel lines with custom fuel rail
Eurojet throttle body hose
Deleted: SAI, Evap, N249, N112, blue balls, vacuum reservoir and combi valve



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Frameback said...

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